Sharing Economy and Inequalities Across Europe (SHINE)


The SHINE Jean Monet Network gathers several multidisciplinary teams from five different European universities with the objective of developing research and knowledge on the sharing economy, new technologies and the inequalities they can generate. In addition, the Network also aims to foster communication between different players, such as NGOs, Public Bodies, Private associations, Trade unions, European citizens and students, and create an international consortium of actors interested in engaging in a deep debate alongside academia on the challenges posed by new technologies within the European framework. With these objectives in mind, the Network will not only work on researching and producing scientific knowledge on the analysed phenomena but also organising other types of activities and events towards different groups such as young researchers, public officers or civil society representatives.

Streams of research

  • The impact of the sharing economy on European social values and rights. In particular, equality and non-discrimination.
  • Possible normative responses to reconcile the efficiency gains brought by new technologies and sharing business models with the protection of European social values.
  • Evaluation of the social and economic impact of European regulatory responses to the sharing economy.
  • Big data, automated decision-making and computational power and their effects on inequality.
  • Evaluation of the impact on social fairness and inequalities of the regulatory policies applied to already consolidated sharing economy markets, such as transportation or accommodation.